Nightire Review: Sleep Soundly with a Fail-Safe Investment; your pyjamas

Nightire Review: Sleep Soundly with a Fail-Safe Investment; your pyjamas

Written by Livvi Alderson-Tuck

I am a pyjama connoisseur. 

Yes, it is a self-given title, but with my drawers heaving with over 30 sets of pyjamas, with pairs for every occasion (Halloween, Christmas, Easter, I got it covered), and my bank account always taking a hit when a new pyjama brand launches, I think it is a fair accolade.

Now, you would think with this extensive knowledge of sleepwear, many people would be asking for my top tips when it comes to finding the perfect pyjama. But I’m afraid to say that this isn’t the case. A worrying amount of people are still happy to tumble into bed wearing their ex-boyfriend’s boxer shorts along with a stained, greying T-Shirt you won in your Freshers’ Week for downing five Jagerbombs in under a minute. 

But why don’t more people invest in what they wear to bed? We spend on average a third of our life wearing nightwear and choosing the right pyjamas can be the difference between a good and a bad night’s sleep. So while people might not care about their sleepwear, they should care about their sleep. 

Well Nina Clark cares about her sleep, so much so, she founded Nightire, an urban pyjama brand where the goal of a good night’s sleep is at the core of every product they make. And let me tell you, if I were to share my requirements for the ultimate pyjamas, Nightire would tick all the boxes.

Firstly, your pyjamas have to look good. Yes, it may only be you and your duvet appreciating them, but adding some style to your sleep routine is a form of self-care I fully endorse. For me, a sign of a stylish pyjama is one I would be happy to wear to a bar, not just to bed. I was fortunate enough to test the Wonderful Women Short Sleepwear Set; the limited edition print, designed as part of their ‘Every Body is Beautiful Range’ features women of all different shapes, sizes and skin tones. It’s bold, bright and empowering, helping boost your mood from dusk till dawn whilst the scalloped edging on the shorts is incredibly flattering.

Secondly, your pyjamas should be excellent at regulating your body temperature. In order to get the best night’s sleep, you have to channel your inner Goldilocks and create an environment which is not too hot and not too cold (around 18℃ to be precise). Nightire offer a variety of pyjama lengths so you can find the right fit for you, but I loved that the short set material was thick enough to get cosy, but also lightweight enough to prevent overheating; the ideal sweet spot for these transitional months. 

Now it’s all well and good if your pyjamas can keep you cool, but they also have to be comfortable. The loose fit of Nightire’s luxury short sets mean there are no tight seams, scratchy buttons or fiddly ties to distract you from finding that golden sleeping position. And thankfully Nightire pyjamas are made entirely from bamboo, which is silky soft on the skin, as well as being sustainable, so you can sleep soundly knowing your pyjamas are planet-friendly. 

Lastly, your pyjamas need to be sweat resistant. While you might only think this is a property needed for workout gear, let’s get real. Whether it’s from too many wines the night before or from a premenstrual hot flush, we can often wake up as a clammy mess. But Nightire pyjamas have you covered; their moisture-wicking material keeps you cool and collected and their antibacterial quality means your pyjamas feel freshly washed every time you pop them on.  

After one night sleeping in my Nightire pyjamas, it was clear to see that they have been designed with every functionality in mind to help you sleep better. here is no denying that the past year of constant unpredictability, stress and anxiety is responsible for the increase of internet searches on ‘insomnia’ and ‘can’t sleep’, so much so, they became Google trends. 

Investing in your sleep is a savvy move, and take it from this pyjama connoisseur, there is no safer investment than a pair of beautiful pyjamas from Nightire.

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