Transform Your Skin With Our Sustainable Skincare Routine

Transform Your Skin With Our Sustainable Skincare Routine
Written by Alexandra Palmer

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Your skin is like no other. In fact, according to Gallinee, the makeup of your skin is so unique that it is like a fingerprint, and can be matched to you and you alone. So finding the right skincare routine is a personal journey and not always restricted to the products you apply to your face.

“The beauty world is filled with products covered in pretty packaging aimed at makeup lovers – which seems to work considering the British cosmetics industry is worth £17 billion. But behind all of these luxurious products and packaging is a sea of toxic plastic waste, which isn’t very pretty at all.” - Circular

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Plus, skincare is as much about mental, physical and emotional health as it is cleanser, moisturiser and toner. A healthy diet, a good night sleep, exercise and plenty of water are the foundations for an effective skincare routine. And no amount of eye cream is going to hide that late night scrolling, so stick the phone in a drawer and get the rest you need to begin the next steps of your sustainable skincare routine.

Why go green? It’s no secret that the beauty and skincare industry have a significant impact on the environment. For years the cosmetics industry has heavily depended on plastics, water and chemicals all of which make their way back to the environment - and back to you - in one way or another. Not to mention the harvesting of natural resources and the manufacturing processes involved, all of which take their toll on the planet. 

From cleansers and lotions to serums and moisturisers, the bathroom is one of main offenders when it comes to plastic waste. The first step to a greener skincare routine is to cut plastic out and it has never been easier to find planet-friendly alternatives. 

 “The World Health Organization and UNICEF estimate that one in three people globally lack access to clean drinking water. According to the United Nations’ 2020 World Water Development Report, 2050 will see 52 percent of the world’s population living in regions that are “water-stressed.”



And what about what’s actually in your skincare products? From microplastics to parabens to UV filters, these toxins and pollutants have to go somewhere and inevitably they make their way to the environment. The answer? Less is more. Seek out products with minimal and transparent ingredients. If in doubt, you can easily research the ingredients on the bottle using a beauty index like The Good Face Project.

 “Trillions of tiny pieces of plastic are accumulating in the world’s oceans, lakes and estuaries, harming marine life and entering the food chain. A single shower can result in 100,000 plastic particles entering the ocean.” - Mary acreage, chair of the Environmental Audit Committee

Fear no more. With the rise of environmental consciousness, there’s no better time to adopt a sustainable skincare routine and we’ve got the tips and tricks to help you reduce your personal impact on the environment.

Step 1. Remove make up

 Wipe the day (or night) away and start your sustainable skincare routine with a clean slate with the Ebb & Flow Makeup Remover from Palm of Feronia. With ingredients like lavender flower water and neroli flower water, you’ll be left glowing in no time. 


Step 2. Detox

 A detox for the skin. The clarifying Black Earth Detox Mask from Palm of Feronia has three active ingredients - Fullers Earth clay, charcoal and nettle power - to clarify and purify the skin. Just the thing for those in need of a deeper clean.


Step 3. Exfoliate

 Handmade and entirely plastic free, the Rosemary Exfoliating Bar Soap from low impact beauty and body care brand, London Bathers is infused with avocado oil which soothes the skin while the bar gently exfoliates the face and body.


Step 4. Cleanse

 Just pure organic oils and Himalayan salt. As simple as it comes: naked. The Naked - Unscented Salt Soap from Dook will leave your skin feeling cleansed, fresh and moisturised. Perfect for sensitive skin.


Step 5. Tone

 Said to be used by Cleopatra herself, Rose Water forms the base of the Neroli Citrine Facial Tonic from Palm of Feronia. Apply after cleansing or whenever your skin needs a boost. If it’s good enough for the Queen of the Nile...


Step 6. Serum

 Glow Don’t Shine. This mattifying serum from Bolt Beauty is dermatologically tested to reduce shine. Each dose of serum is sealed in a biodegradable casing made from seaweed — which means completely zero waste.


Step 7. Eye Serum

 Kick start your day with some morning coffee...for your eyes. The Full Bright - Horse Chesnut and Caffeine Renewal Eye Serum from Five Dot Botanics stimulates circulation around the eyes, reducing dark circles and leaving your peepers shining bright.


Step 8. Moisturise

 Go hard or go home with the Moisturising Facial Balm from SBTRCT. Plastic free and containing less than 0.5% water, this solid moisturising bar promotes skin firmness and elasticity without being greasy — and it's just been nominated on the Glamour Magazine Beauty Power List 2021 as 'Best skincare bar'.


Step 9. Facial Oil

 Protecting. Soothing. Anti-aging. What’s not to love about the Sea Buckthorn + Rosehip Facial Oil from Our Lovely Goods. Full of regenerative and reparative properties, this lightweight oil needs a place in your skincare routine.


Step 10. Facial Mist

 Give your skin a drink with the Brighten Up - Rose & Pomegranate Facial Mist from Five Dot Botanics. Instantly hydrating, this fruit and flower mist renews the complexion for brightness, balance and refreshment.

Discover the full Sustainable Skincare edit and get your routine down.