How To Be More Sustainable In Yoga

How To Be More Sustainable In Yoga

Written by Alexandra Palmer


For the mindful yogi, Mother Nature is at the heart-centre of their practice. From the poses they strike and the peaceful places they find to meditate, to the sense of connectivity and union with all and everything. 

But as with most things in life, it’s not all black and white. Until recent years, it has been frustratingly difficult to minimise our impact on the environment, and that goes for yoga too. The lack of sustainable life choices and products have challenged even the most well intended yogi amongst us.

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In the wake of a more empowered society, and the rise of conscious brands, it’s no wonder that more and more people are now searching for a more wholesome experience — so we've done the hard work for you. Read on to discover our ultimate guide on how to become more sustainable in your yoga practice.

Does yoga increase sustainability? 

In short? Yes. The eight limbs of yoga — the guidelines and principles for a more meaningful and purposeful life — encourage self awareness, respect and appreciation for all things. This includes avoiding things that are incompatible with these principles, for example opting for sustainable yoga clothing over fast fashion garments, avoiding single use plastic bottles and researching your yoga mat. 

The big but, however, is that thousands of people practice yoga all over the world. And though on an individual level their impact may be small, on a macro level the footprint that yoga leaves on the environment is more far reaching. If you’re curious about your own impact on the environment and how you can be more proactive, calculate your fashion footprint here.


How is yoga related to the environment? 

There is no doubt that Yoga can have an impact on the environment, from the heating of hot yoga studios, the air miles clocked up attending yoga retreats to the unsustainable fabrics such as nylon and lycra often used in activewear.

However, Yogi’s far and wide recognise the importance of mother nature in their practice, from the poses that they strike — sun, moon, mountain — to their vows of kindness and non violence against all things. In fact one of the guiding principles of yoga is ‘Do no harm’ and for the devoted yogi, that includes their gear and the impact it has on the environment. 

Where can I buy sustainable yoga clothes? 

For those living a yoga lifestyle, you no longer need to spend hours upon hours, scouring the shops for sustainable yoga clothes. A handful of conscious brands have emerged in recent years making it easier to practice with peace of mind and consumer demands for transparency make it harder for brands to hide behind their logo.

So, with that in mind, here are just five of the planet-friendly brands in the Hibana collective helping those living a yoga lifestyle to connect their values with their practice. 


fable yoga
Fable. A short story with a simple truth. Your story. On a mission to encourage as many people to find happiness through yoga, Fable create sustainable yoga mats and accessories with all the little details in mind. Available in sky blue, blush pink, red — and black of course — these mats are bold and beautiful.



You no longer have to choose between sustainability and practicality. With the SAIA Yoga Mat Bag, you can have both, without compromise. Finely crafted in the highest quality vegan leather, the detachable cross-body strap allows for hands-free styling with an optional shoulder padding that offers the right amount of support and comfort. Available in cherry blossom, teal and midnight these bags will complement your Fable yoga mat while the SAIA Success Planner is the perfect journal for self reflection and improvement for those traveling the yogic path.



black + blum
For a more sustainable and eco friendly yoga experience, ditch the single use plastic.  Black + Blum design high quality, reusable, leakproof water bottles (and lunch boxes) to help you lead a sustainable & healthy life, on and off the mat. The Black + Blum glass bottle comes with a fun and colourful protective non-slip sleeve and convenient carry loop while the stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle will keep your drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours.



Looking for sustainable yoga clothes? Look no further. Contur clothing are setting a new standard for contemporary activewear by using sustainable and recyclable materials, and supporting ocean protection. They work exclusively with ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated nylon yarn made from industrial waste such as discarded fishing nets. From Om to Namaste, their Smooth Moves leggings give you the motivation to get on the mat and elevate your routine for good karma all around. While the Newfound shorts are perfect for those salutations in the sun.



Opt for a natural deodorant balm to keep you dry and confident during those chaturanga’s. Plastic free, all natural deodorant from AKT London is available in three scentsSC.01 Orange Grove, SC.02 After Thunder and SC.03 The Onsen. 

And if that’s not enough inspiration, check out our Yoga collection to find all you need for a peaceful practice. Namaste.