The Brew that keeps on giving...

The Brew that keeps on giving...
Written by Livvi Alderson-Tuck


Brits love tea.

On average, Brits drink three cups of tea a day, and once, a High Court Judge sentenced a feuding family to sit down for a cup of tea once a week to sort out their problems.

Tea is intrinsic to our way of living. So is there a better industry to help welcome refugees into this country, with open arms as comforting and warming as a freshly brewed cuppa? Nemi Tea doesn’t think so, and I wholeheartedly agree.

Nemi are a specialist tea company who create beautiful, delicate teas which have a purpose; a cuppa with a conscience if you will.

Not only are they a Fairtrade certified organisation, ensuring those that grow and pick their tea are paid a fair wage to provide for their family, their tea bags are also fully biodegradable and their packaging is plastic free, meaning they are helping protect our precious planet.


But most importantly, Nemi provides employment to refugees, giving them skills and vital work experience which allows a more seamless transition into the UK workforce and thus wider society. Whether it’s factory work, running tea stalls at markets, or social media, Nemi utilises the expertise and incomparable work-ethic which refugees bring to this country.

The international scope is not restricted to Nemi’s workforce. The tea blends themselves use ingredients from around the world, so while Nemi may be London born and bred, the flavours range the globe; peppermint from Egypt to tea leaves from China and India.

And let’s talk about that Peppermint! I’ve been lucky enough to taste a selection of Nemi Teas this week, and the refreshing while calming flavour of their peppermint blend makes it my personal favourite; the sweetness and zing are balanced in perfect harmony and is the ideal option for a pre-bed brew.

Nemi Teas Peppermint

For a morning cuppa to really kick start your day, the Spicy Chai packs a peppery punch, with fiery ginger and a hum of warming cinnamon for a soothing balance. Add a squeeze of honey for a luxurious chai which will transport you quickly from your sofa to a spice market.

But sometimes you can’t beat a proper, no fuss brew, and Nemi’s English Breakfast is perfect for this; a rich and velvety classic tea. Whether you drink it black, add milk after or put milk in first (no hate here), this full bodied tea will never disappoint.

Nemi Teas English Breakfast


All of their tea bags are packed with flavour; a weak flavoured cup of tea is not what Nemi are about. And don’t worry about making room in your cupboard for your Nemi collection; the bold, colourful tubes are so aesthetically pleasing you’ll want to keep them out on your kitchen tops for all to admire.

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