The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

The past twelve months have been hard on all of us, for many different reasons.  We’ve been kept apart from the people we love, or forced to spend every waking moment with them!  So forgive us for jumping at the chance to appreciate our loved ones this Mother's Day. 

We know that Mother’s Day can be a wonderful occasion for some and also a very difficult time of year for others.  So no matter who you choose to celebrate this year - loved ones, role models and anyone in between - we’ve got you covered.  

We’ve picked out some stunning items from our collections that will make the perfect gift to show that special someone just how much they mean to you.  Check them out.

For those who could use a moment to themselves:

You know the one. Always putting others first. Give them a reason to slow down and unwind with these decadent delights.       


The Grounding Bath Elixir from Palm of Feronia is packed full of nourishing goodness such as cold pressed baobab seed oil to sweet almond oil. Fancy.

Five Dot Botanical’s Restorative Face Mask is totally clean and stripped back with only five plant based ingredients. The lavender oil not only purifies and detoxifies but its subtle scent is perfect for those stolen moments of relaxation.


For those who juggle it all:

When there’s no rest for the wicked, help them stay organised and on track with our collection of must-have vegan stationary and watches.

Gain clarity, stay motivated and remain focused. SAIA London has got us all feeling like we got this with their powerfully effective Success Planner.  

Keep on time and keep on trend with the beautifully minimalist and cruelty free Kindred Gift Set from Votch.


For those with late nights & early mornings:

Whether they’re burning the midnight oil or watching Peppa Pig at some unmentionable time of hour in the morning, our collection of candles and caffeine fixes are here to help.

The bergamot clouds - Candle from Lo Studios is carefully blended from bergamot, sandalwood, violet, patchouli & incense. Each candle tells a unique story both in word and scent, a scrapbook of scents leaving us longing for those late, candle-lit nights.

And for those early risers or up all nighters NewGround is bringing the (coffee) beans. Well, actually their ethically sourced coffee comes as you like it, from whole bean to filter. With tasting notes of hazelnut, raisin and milk chocolate the Brazil - Monte Carmelo Coffee is the perfect pick me up.


For those who deserve a treat:

Sometimes it can be hard to treat ourselves to those little luxuries in life. Mother’s Day is the perfect reason to indulge our loved ones with that special something. From that too good to share chocolate, to organic handcrafted batch gin, we’ve got the perfect treat.

Made by lovers of gin for lovers of gin, a lot of passion goes into the crafting of the Graveney Gin collection and it shows. The Graveney Gin - Limited Edition Wooden Gift Box is available with a range of different gins and sizes so look no further!

BRIK’s Salted Caramel & Passion Fruit Chocolate Tile is almost too beautiful to eat. Almost, but not quite. Sweet tooth or not, this blend of sweet and salty and tropical passion fruit is too good to resist. Yum!


For those who are always on the go:

Can’t sit still? Always on the move? You know the ones. For the voyager or the wanderer in your life, we’ve got the perfect accessories.

This Stainless Steel Water Bottle from Black + Blum is super lightweight and has a wide opening perfect for adding ice cubes on those summer days or even the Black + Blum charcoal filter. The vegan strap is a simple yet stunning touch.

Bolt Beauty's Skincare Capsules were designed for the woman on the go. Treat your loved one to these delicate drops of luxurious skincare. Cleanse, moisturise and hydrate your skin on the go and without compromise.  


For those who “don’t need anything”:

We’ve even got you covered for the notoriously difficult-to-gift.  They don’t need anything?   Then help them to take care of what they already have with Attirecare’s range of lifestyle care products.

From Denim Spray to Crease Release this Attirecare Introduction Pack has everything they will need to keep their garments looking and feeling fresh (even if it is just around the house!)

Still stuck for ideas? Let them discover something for themselves with one of our gift cards.  

No matter who you are celebrating this Mothers Day, we have got the perfect gift.  But don’t just take our word for it. Have a browse. We have brought together some of the best of British independent and inspiring brands under one ‘roof’ and half the fun is having a wander through our wonderfully unique marketplace.

Shop the collection here.