Why Are We All Drinking From Cans Again?

Why Are We All Drinking From Cans Again?

Written by Alexandra Palmer

The humble can. Or should we say iconic? From pantry to fridge, the can has been preserving our food, and keeping our drinks fizzy for hundreds of years. Most recently, the can has been shaking up the drinks industry and where glass was once the package of choice for premium alcohol producers, the can has reemerged as a contemporary alternative to the glass bottle and a game changer for the modern drinker. 

For the beer industry, the introduction of mobile canning lines allow smaller, independent brewers to can their beer, bringing a greater variety of new and interesting flavours to the mix. Not only that, but cans are lighter, easier to store, are a safer packaging option than traditional glass bottles and block sunlight, preventing the photochemical breakdown of hop alpha acids which affects the taste of the beer.

“Demands have changed so that consumers now seek a product that not only tastes great and looks good, but has a positive impact on the environment too” - Inside Drinks

Punchy Drinks

Of course it's also all in the aesthetics. Canned wine producers Copper Crew liken the label of a can to that of a record sleeve. “A craft beer shop provides a not dissimilar experience to the one our parents would have had walking into a record shop. Both can labels and record sleeves attempt to embody a product that you can’t see or experience until you take it home.” Sipping out of a can has become an experience worth photographing.  

“People are changing their drinking habits and are looking for a more lighthearted, fun and flexible experience when it comes to drinking alcohol. They no longer want to open and consume an entire bottle of wine in one sitting." - Hannah Crosbie, founder of the Dalston Wine Club and Notting Hill Wine Club

The canned revolution has changed the way we look at alcohol, paving the way for a more authentic and engaging experience — and you don’t have to tell us twice. Here are the four Hibana collective brands fast becoming our go-to tipples. Tried and tested, you’re welcome*. 

1. Copper Crew

Founded by friends Theo, Sam and Oli, these are great wines specifically sourced to be canned, pairing refreshing grapes with planet-friendly matte packaging. On a mission to make wine more fun and with wine-making degrees under their belt, this is one group of friends who you'd want to share a can with. 

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2. Free Star


The first no-alcohol beer to certify as B-corp, this is a "banging mix" of super high quality, hand selected natural ingredients to build a complex flavour. Plus, they partner with The People, a youth powered consultancy to help young people struggling to find work. No hangover, just pure satisfaction.

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3. Punchy Drinks 

In a world of sugary, eco-destructive and unadventurous drinks, Punchy Drinks thought it was time for something better. Spotted all over the 'gram, they're all about the best ingredients and plastic-free packaging, with a percentage of all sales going to environmental charities. We'll drink to that. 

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4. Something & Nothing

A low calorie, lightly carbonated seltzer, made from natural ingredients. The can made for long evenings, these were designed for what this brand calls "the modern contradiction", where you can spend a day doing yoga and the evening drinking all night at a festival. We don't condone the latter, if our lawyers see this.

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 *Please drink responsibly, or we could get in trouble.