About Hibana

Hibana 火花 [noun] - Japanese word for Spark

Hibana is the spark between independent brands with inspiring stories to tell and conscious shoppers who want more from their purchases. Hibana is more than just a place to buy beautiful things. We are the home of the UK’s best independent brands who have passionate people at their core, authenticity at their heart and the most inspiring stories to tell.

The brands we have carefully curated all seek to loosen the grip that fast fashion and wasteful consumption have on our society. They are all beautifully unique, but as a collective they have one thing in common: a vision for a better world.

Shopping with Hibana means supporting the designers, the creators, the movers and the makers that are behind the UK’s most inspiring and forward-thinking brands.

Hello! We’re Peter and Nick, the founders of Hibana.

We’ve always shared a love of discovering innovative new brands, and like many people today, we increasingly want to shop more consciously. When lockdown hit, and the high street closed, we realised how easy it was to rely on the convenience of big brands, and how difficult it was to discover indie gems online. We decided to do something about it and many lockdown Zoom calls later, Hibana was brought to life.

Our aim is to create a platform that makes it easier than ever to discover and support independent brands. We want to capture the intimacy and joy you get from browsing a beautiful high street filled with independent shops, and bring that experience to life online. Hibana is here to put the spark back into online shopping!