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London, UK

Recycled into Beautiful

Founder Genia Mineeva started off as a political journalist, spending years working in the BBC newsroom. Her inquisitive nature took her into the world of campaigning but one story really got under her skin: coffee cup waste. How could these recyclable objects be wasted—simply because there was no market for the recycled material?

Genia dug deeper and discovered the untapped potential of innovative recycled materials rescued from landfill. There wasn’t much of a ‘market’ yet for these recycled materials, especially premium, recycled leather. So she created one. And BEEN London was born.

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Everyone involved has the same intention: to help BEEN London have a real, measurable impact on the fashion industry by proving that waste can become beautiful, inside and out.

Buy one get one tree.

Drawn to handcrafted, quality items made by real artists with generations of experience, her aim was to combine innovation with local skills and heritage. We are now an all-female team based in London Fields, and take enormous pride in naming every bag we make after our favourite places around the area.

With every order we plant a tree in our BEEN London forest in Peru on your behalf.