Pressed with Enthusiasm.

It all started in 2014 at the school gate. Both Steve Rabson Stark (Beardy), previously from Brighton and Phil Day (Bignose), originally from London had moved to the countryside in the mid-noughties to start families in Framfield, a small East Sussex village on the edge of the Weald.

One night over a pint in Framfield’s local, they discovered common interests in beekeeping and a joint curiosity for making cider. And that’s when the Bignose and Beardy journey began. Our cider is flat, still, unfiltered and wild fermented in small batches. No fuss cider made in a no fuss way.

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The cider is as much about the wonderful community that has grown out of it as it is about the production. And having lots of fun along the way of course.

We leave it alone for months and months and let nature do its thing.

It doesn’t seem right to mess with it so we add nothing - unless we decide to sweeten it at the end of course. We never know what we are going to get and we celebrate each batch as a unique offering - those apples, that orchard, that mix of fruit from that season, handpicked early or late depending on when harvest falls. And when a batch is gone, it’s gone.

Every September, we host an ‘Apple Appeal’. People arrive at the cidery gate in droves offering fruit from their gardens or orchards in exchange for cider. Apples are then pressed, tanked and left to ferment naturally.