London, UK

Chocolate Design Company

We are a small award-winning London based chocolate design company specialising in edible textures. We want to break the mould of how chocolate is to be seen, eaten and experienced.

We design and hand make chocolate inspired by surfaces, raw materials and architecture. Bringing new meaning to eye candy, Brik tastes as intriguing as it looks.

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As a creative edible design company, we aim to liberate chocolate from its traditional mould.

Let's shape the world, one Brik at a time.

Our distinctive, aesthetic taste experiences are created using natural ingredients, constant development, endless curiosity, and a commitment to our planet. Our handmade chocolates inspired by terrazzo, concrete, marble and other materials are made from all natural colour and flavours - and we would never add any artificial ingredients to the mix.

Our commitment to being as responsible to the planet as possible runs through everything we do. This at times means higher prices for what we use - we simply can't afford to compromise.