Artisan-Made Contemporary Homeware

Collective-Stories was founded with a passion for uniting contemporary design and ethical craftsmanship. We work with master artisans around the world to celebrate their craft and create timeless quality homeware.

What began as a weaving workshop in Guatemala grew to a design-led homeware collection. We produce small handmade batches, which enable us to pay attention to details, materials and processes in order to make products that are made to last.

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To us, it is important that our products are handmade and made to last by using quality materials and working with skilled artisans using generations of knowledge to create uniquely handcrafted products.

Handmade worldwide.

Collective-Stories was founded by Pernille Brodersen and Pierre Luc after a trip to Guatemala, where they were inspired by the country's beautiful handcrafted textiles.

Everything we do, we want to do with a positive impact and a sense of purpose. We connect with artisans to develop relationships based on transparency and we trade fairly with cooperatives that incorporate Fair Trade principles, set their own prices and offer a safe and flexible work environment.