El Rayo

London, UK

Modern tequila designed to pair with tonic

We craft a single ingredient, great tasting tequila that’s designed to mix with tonic. Turning Tequila into your first drink, not your last.

We’re Tom & Jack. We never knew tequila could taste this good until we tried it one night in Peckham. Intoxicated by that first taste we made the ridiculous decision to quit our day jobs and head to Guadalajara. Once there, we immersed ourselves in a culture that blew our minds. Working closely with a Mexican artist and a Maestro Tequilero, we then got to work on creating a drink to represent it, and take tequila out of this world.

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We’re inspired by the new symbols of Mexico that will put the stereotypes to bed. For El Rayo, it's all about discovery. We want to help open people’s minds to tequila; merging tradition and progression and taking tequila where it’s never been before.

100% Natural. 100% Agave.

El Rayo means 'lightning'. Mexican folklore tells of El Rayo striking the blue agave. The myth describes how a local campesino witnessed this moment and followed the burning glow in the distance. The cooked agave plant was discovered. Tequila was born.

Our clean, vibrant flavours all naturally come from Mexico’s slow grown blue agave. Our blue agave are hand planted, hand harvested and hand-made to retain as much of the complex flavours as possible. The result is a spirit that is fresh and natural, yet deep and layered with a range of incredible raw flavours, all captured from one single plant. The individual flavours in both our Plata and Reposado pair perfectly with the bittersweet taste of tonic water for a refreshing and delicious new drink.