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We are Fable. Our name means a short story with a simple truth. We've learned lots of truths on our yoga journey and in the process discovered one of own - sleek high performance yoga mats don't need to come at a cost to the earth.

Our mats are both kind to body and the Earth. Created using natural tree rubber, when you purchase a mat from us we plant a tree in one of ten reforestation projects with our friends at Tree Nation. We carefully wrap orders in tissue and paper and send out in cardboard boxes that you can recycle at home after delivery. When you’re eventually done with your mat it will biodegrade.

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We’re on a mission to encourage more people to practice yoga. Because we truly believe a regular yoga practice is an incredible tool to help you feel happier, healthier and stronger – both mentally and physically.

Your practice, your story.

We're on a mission to support you through every part of your practice - the falls, the wiggles, the stillness and everything in between. Which is why we've considered all those little details that we know will make a difference to your practice. Extra length and width for more space and superior grip for the ultimate support. Leaving you to focus, on

We're not here to put in you a box. You're totally unique. In fact, you're one-of-a-kind. And so is your yoga practice. Your practice, your story. That’s why you’ll find it printed on the tops of our mats, in case you ever need the reminder. That you are exactly right where you need to be. Both on and off your mat.