Sustainable, guilt-free, luxury paper goods.

Kinshipped was born out of both a stationery/greeting card fetish, and two needs unmet by the market. Before Kinshipped, I worked in the brand and marketing agency world and saw first hand a gap in the gifting world for stylish but sustainable gifts and accessories - that’s what sparked the idea of creating a gifting brand.

When my daughter came along and with my husband working away, I gave up the commute to spend more time with her and that’s when I started to develop the proposition and the brand.

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We truly believe that acting sustainably is entirely a choice, and the brands and businesses that are not doing so, because they 'can't', are choosing profit over caring.

That’s a wrap!

I desperately had an agenda to show the industry how wasteful it was, and how it didn't need to be that way; sustainability was to be a given. While my independent stockists find buying plastic-free relatively easy, I am always convincing larger retailers it is worth doing...most are not quite there yet, but it will come in time.

One of the biggest sources of inspiration behind Kinshipped is interior design - every product is created with you & your home in mind, to give you something you’d be proud to both style in your home as well as send to family & friends.