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London, UK

All kinds of clean.

Hi, we’re London Bathers, a small independent soap business in a big beautiful city. We design, make and curate a collection of natural body care products and bathroom accessories - all presented in minimal, recyclable packaging.

We’re an independent, family-run company on a mission to offer high quality, low impact bathroom products and accessories. Everything we do is crafted to help keep your body clean and your mind clear.

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We favour refilling what we have over using then throwing away. We see the beauty in plain packaging, rather than the over-engineered sort, and believe in taking responsibility for our own recycling. It’s about making choices that lead to a cleaner life.

“Bathrooms are often a sea of plastic. We want to change that.”

Nature provides the ingredients and inspiration for our products. We don’t take that for granted, so every year London Bathers supports a UK-based re-wilding project that helps restore wild nature and living ecosystems.

We hate the thought of plastic polluting our oceans and land. That’s why we chose refillable glass bottles instead of plastic ones. Until we can source genuine replacements, our refills are plastic though. So we provide reply paid envelopes to our subscription customers. Once they’re full, send them back and we’ll recycle them through TerraCycle.