Built around you.

It started with a bag. A bag full of ‘stuff.’

You know the ‘stuff’ we’re talking about. We need it to get us through the day - cables, batteries, chargers – but it’s bulky, messy and frustrating. Our founder Asad Hamir was convinced there had to be a better way. He started Nolii with a simple mission to provide better everyday technology tools that help streamline your life.

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We want to democratise design, because we think everyone should have access to good, well made products that last. That’s why we stand behind fair, honest pricing, without the heavy markups.

Design for everyone

Asad banded together a collective of London-based creatives, makers and technologists, committed to designing for real people, putting them at the centre of everything Nolii does.

Our aim is to simplify; to take away where others add; to design less, but better; and to improve people’s every day.