Pentire Drinks

Cornwall, UK

Distilled Coastal Botanics

Pentire create botanical non-alcoholic spirits made by distilling unique plants native to the Cornish Coastline.

Founded on the love of coastal living, we set out to bottle the experience of being by the sea, and create a drink that harnesses the power, beauty and immense flavours of plants.

plant based


hand made

UK made

recycled materials

plastic free

carbon neutral

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Catching waves until dusk. Camping on cliff tops and foraging hedgerows for unexpected bounty. Sharing and experimenting with the flavours we found on the coast. We wanted to bottle that experience.

A healthy choice for those who want to enjoy life's everyday adventures.

Pentire is a celebration of unique plant life that grows on the surrounding headland. Key botanicals thrive here due to a combination of favourable climate, soil pH, and air moisture. Through research and experimentation with local botanists, distillers and brewers we have created non-alcoholic spirits that capture these flavours through careful distillation.

We are committed to sourcing responsibly. Where possible, we use Fair Trade & Organically Certified ingredients, accredited by the Soil Association. We also give back by supporting causes which protect our oceans and environment.