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Hackney, London

Handcrafted in Hackney, inspired by Earth.

After years of helping others find their dream job, Jamie was made redundant during the COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping busy during lockdown, and being a keen green-finger, Jamie started to grow his houseplant collection when he struggled to find stylish yet functional plant pots. There was always a compromise.

With time on his hands, he decided to make his own pots. Inspired by the places of natural beauty he had once visited, and could only dream of during lockdown, Jamie designed a collection of homewares invoking the whimsical euphoria of these natural wonders.

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Inspired by the sparkling ocean and warm glow of a golden hour sunset on one of Hawaii’s most stunning islands.

The perfect companion for your plants.

Jamie designs and makes every single creation himself. From his bedroom to Brick Lane Market, what started as a lockdown project has become a full time passion. Following his instincts and listening to his customers, Jamie has channelled his love for travel, nature and sustainability into his craft.

As part of Ruut Home's continued commitment to sustainability, 25 trees will be planted for every sale of the Eco Planter, through their partnership with Ecologi.