Sustainable wine designed around food

One (or maybe two) bottles of rosé on a summer evening later, we looked at the sad leftovers of our crisps and chocolates wishing we had something more inspired to eat with our wine.

After months of cooking at home and discovering new cuisines as a consolation for canceled trips around the world, we decided to use this as inspiration to create savōr.


plants trees

female founded


donates to charity

Products from savōr


savōr was built from a desire to create a simple way to enjoy an experience with your loved ones through the things we love: food, wine, and travel. We hope savōr will lead you to explore new ways of enjoying wine - and that you savour every moment.

More than just a bottle.

All savōr wines have been sourced from a specific country to pair with a customised experience designed around the wine.

Each bottle comes with carefully selected companions - from the localised and easy recipes to the ideal music for your meal. All you need to think about is the guest list (or keep the bottle to enjoy for yourself - we won’t tell!).