Be curious, not thirsty.

Something & Nothing is a low calorie, lightly carbonated seltzer, made from natural ingredients - no weird stuff, added sugar or fake sweeteners.

People, music, art, food, places and design. Everything we have thought, touched, broken and rebuilt has been poured into Something & Nothing. This is our first and best album. There is no eureka moment, unique selling point or false function. There are a million pieces to this story. We don't know the ending but this is the beginning. A love of flavour, our planet and beauty.

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We call it the modern contradiction, you go to yoga, eat healthy but still want a drink with friends or to spend the weekend at a festival. All of our seltzers have been created to work as mixers, delivering delicious, unique, low-calorie long drinks with premium spirits.

We only use natural ingredients to make our seltzers.

There is no weird stuff, added sugar or fake sweeteners. We use grape juice and lemon juice to deliver a balanced and full flavour, then add extracts, botanicals and juices to create our uniquely refreshing seltzers.

Using multiple natural ingredients also means our products have a few calories, but we are classed as a low-calorie drink. We have found no-calories often means no-flavour so we are good with a few calories.