Scent Rituals to Reconnect

Emily Lynam started out as a home accessories and beauty buying manager for top retailers. Fuelled by a desire to create products that were not only natural and high-quality, but that resonated with her values, Emily started getting to work in her kitchen.

She committed hours upon hours to crafting essential oil-based fragrance products, creating an all natural range of scents to reconnect the body and home, from candles and diffusers to bath soaks and body oils.

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We’re committed to helping people to reduce stress and gain a healthy body and mind, through natural fragrance and nourishing products. There is no compromise.

Shaking up the fragrance industry for good.

Every decision related to fragrance was based on Emily's ever-growing knowledge of aromatherapy, which she gained having stepped away from the corporate world to study as a yoga teacher in India. In 2019, Yougi as we know it was born.

A core value of Yougi is transparency around ingredients. You know exactly what our products are made of and what their benefits are. Every ingredient that we use in the product is there for a specific therapeutic reason.