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Mayni - Indigenous Community Coffee


What makes this coffee so incredibly special and unique? Please take a moment to read the passage below:

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Traceable, Transparent, Ethical Coffee

Easy José is a specialty coffee roaster that is leading the industry through its ethical & sustainable sourcing model; working faithfully, year on year with the same communities so that we, and they, can benefit from a long term and loyal partnership.

First and foremost, we’re all about coffee – great coffee. Coffee that stands out and that has a true and authentic story behind it. We are traceable, transparent and ethical; we know who we work with and we deeply respect them.

Mayni - Indigenous Community Coffee
Mayni - Indigenous Community Coffee

What makes this coffee so incredibly special and unique? Please take a moment to read the passage below:

The Mayni community live within the Peruvian cloud forests, about 6 hours drive from the nearest town of Satipo in the East of Peru. The coffee they grow, grows beneath the forest canopy and is picked by hand to ensure only the best fruits are pulled from the tree. These beautiful people are the protectors of the rainforest, taking it upon themselves to ensure the forests will remain intact for generations to come. Our work with the Mayni and now many neighbouring indigenous communities has provided a blueprint for coffee growing in the region, without the need for slash and burn and gives the communities a sustainable way to earn a good income from their lands without the need to destroy them. By supporting the work we do, you are directly supporting a new way of thinking and a new, proven way to protect the rainforests.

In the cup: Mountains of chocolate, hazelnut, honey, almond and an orange acidity

*The rainforest are extremely vulnerable to the actions of humans, our best chance of saving them is by working with the people who live within them, incentivising them in the right way and helping them to produce good, ongoing incomes from the forest, so that there is no desire to cut them down.

It is believed that there are nearly a hundred indigenous communities in the wild forested areas of Peru, each having unique dialects and ways of life. The Mayni are one such group consisting of around thirty families that continue to live according to their traditions and beliefs, while growing incredible coffee for us to roast and enjoy.

For the five years before Easy José was introduced to the Mayni, they had been the benefactors of sponsorship that enabled them to grow coffee as sustainably as possible, while ensuring maximum protection to the forest. This sponsorship came in the form of agricultural consultation and financial support from the Peruvian Government and the conservation group Programa Nacional del Conservación de Bosques para la Mitigación del Cambio Climatic (roughly translating to The National Program of Forest Conservation for the Mitigation of Climate Change).

As the sponsorship came to an end, Easy José began working with the Mayni to create a viable commercial solution that supports the incredible work that was being done. Over the past four years we have seen incredible change to the communities harvesting and processing ability and it has ensured that the community can continue to thrive in their traditional and chosen way of life.


Process: Fully Washed
Varietal: Caturra, Geisha & Typica
Producer: Mayni Indigenous Community
Origin: Junin, Peru
Elevation: 1650 masl


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Mayni - Indigenous Community Coffee
Mayni - Indigenous Community Coffee
  • Mayni - Indigenous Community Coffee
  • Mayni - Indigenous Community Coffee
  • Mayni - Indigenous Community Coffee
  • Mayni - Indigenous Community Coffee
  • Mayni - Indigenous Community Coffee

Mayni - Indigenous Community Coffee